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Time:2015/4/20 11:31:28        

Dr.Alfons Kramer was born in Romania in the late 1800's. He studied lawat the University in Vienna,Austria. Dr.Kramer went on to become a judge in Vienna.


On the night of Kristallnacht in Vienna, Mr.Kramer was arrested during the night by the Gestapo. He was taken out of his bed in only his underwear on a winter night in November,1938. He was then transported to Dachau, a concentration camp in Germany.


At that time, prisoners in the Dachau concentration camp would be released if someone helped them get an exit visa and other documentation necessary and leave Austria immediately. Dr.Kramer was released from Dachau. The next day he left for Shanghai. His property was taken over by the Nazis when he left Austria.


Dr.Kramer arrived safely in Shanghai and moved to the Ward Road Heim. He took a job as a reporter for a newspaper in Shanghai. Dr.Kramer died before the end of the war and was buried in Shanghai.