“The Wall of Shanghai List” unveiled

Time:2014/9/9 15:53:57        

  A memorial wasunveiled on the 3rd of September? at theShanghai Jewish Refugees Museum to acknowledge the 13,732 people who fled Europe to escape persecution by the Nazis during WorldWar II.

  The structurecomprises a statue of six Jewish people standing beside a 37-meter-long,2.5-meter-high copper wall, on which has been etched the names of all theJewish people known to have taken shelter in Shanghai.

  The names werecollected by the museum with help from surviving refugees and the Israeliconsulate in Shanghai.Most of the refugees hailed from Germany,Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania.


the statue

  Wartime refugeeSonja Muhlberger is looking for her name

the wall of Shanghai List

the memorial