Call for More Historical Records

Time:2013/10/23 11:09:12        

  Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum was completed and opened to the public in 2007. But at first it was troubled by the lack of historical documentation. As a Jewish refugees museum we hope that we may tell the people what had really happened 70 years ago in exactly this area. We hope that the stories we tell are true and convincing, and won’t be forgotten as time passes by.

  For this purpose, we have tried every means and seized every opportunity to collect historical records and evidence. Fortunately, visitors to the museum, including the former Jewish refugees in Shanghai and/or their children or grandchildren, have made generous donations, and we have also met with a lot other generous donors during the international tour of the Jewish Refugees and Shanghai exhibition.

  So far, Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum has collected over 2,000 minutes of video interviewing former Jewish refugees, dozens of personal stories, over a thousand pictures, and over 200 real objects. But we still need more!

  We sincerely and earnestly hope that anyone who has kept documentation, mail, objects, pictures and video clips related to this history would generously share them with us. They should not remain your individual memory. They should become the common memory of the world.

  Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum will ensure that every piece of donated historical evidence will be well conserved with the best effort and technology and properly used according to Chinese laws. And we will issue a certificate to every donor.