Michael Kadoorie paid a visit to Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum

Time:2019/5/31 17:06:18        

  On May, 24th, Michael Kadoorie, the chairman of CLP Holdings Limited and The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels Limited, along with his wife, paid a visit to Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum. He is the grandson of Elly Kadoorie, the founder of China Light & Power Company Syndicate, and his uncle, Horace Kadoorie, once set up Shanghai Jewish Youth Association School in 1930s, providing an ideal chance of education for Jewish children refugees.

  In his visit, Mr. Kadoorie took pictures of the exhibits in the museum, and asked for several times the condition of the documents or artifacts. He was quite interested in the stories of Kadoorie’s family told by the curator, and particularly excited when he saw the pictures and a surviving transcript of Shanghai Jewish Youth Association School. He gladly promised that he would donate some of his family’s collection to the museum for the use of future exhibition.

  In the brief post-visiting interview, he said that he was so moved about the museum and its effort in reviving the history, and wished that this museum and all the materials in the museum be always in a good condition, keeping their spiritual bond with Jewish people.