Shanghai stages serial activities to mark relationship with Jewish people in WWII

Time:2010/10/15 09:05:30        

  SHANGHAI, March 2 (XINHUA) -- Shanghai has kicked off an 8-month-long series of activities to commemorate the city's relationship with Jewish migrants during the World War Two.

  The activities, named Jewish Refugees and Shanghai, will embrace exhibitions, symposiums, reading seminars, documentaries shows and discussions.

  According to Consulate General of Germany in Shanghai, one of the co-organizers, the activities held in the year when the city hosts the World Expo aims to express sincere gratitude towards the Chinese citizens who helped Jewish refugees during the war years and towards the city of Shanghai, and to let more visitors to the Expo pay attention to the history.

  German Consul General Albrecht von der Heyden said nothing could really offset the crimes by evil regime in those years. He hoped he would bow to both victims and survivors of the War.

  Heyden stressed that Shanghai accommodated Jewish refugees without any prejudice during the War. The humanity in the noble deed has been of significance throughout the years from the beginning of the 20th century to present days.

  Sherry Zilbergeld, vice consul general of Israel in Shanghai, said the Israeli pavilion at the World Expo Shanghai would demarcate a special zone to commemorate the history about Jewish refugees' experience in Shanghai.

  The activities are jointly organized by the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum and the Consulate General of Germany in the city. The commemorative series will last from now on to the end of October.

  Shanghai accommodated about 30,000 Jewish refugees from the Nazi prosecution in the World War Two, and thousands fled to other countries via the city. The Japanese invaders at the time restricted their residences to the Hongkou District, in northeastern Shanghai.