Some donated items

Time:2014/1/23 16:27:58        



  The donor is Ruth Szapiro.

  Ruth, the daughter ofEveline Jouravel Szapiro and Jerzy Szapiro. Ruth visited the Shanghai JewishRefugees Museum in October, 2013. She told our staff that she had manybelongings of her parents during their lives in Shanghai. Our museum keepscontact with Ruth. On 14 January, 2014, Ruth mailed us many valuable items,which enrich our Shanghai Jewish Museum.


  This donor is Evelyn Pike Rubin.

  EvelynPike Rubin was born in 1930 in Breslau, Germany, and came to Shanghai with herparents in 1939. In 1947, she emigrated to the USA. Evelyn is featured in theaward-winning documentary film Shanghai Ghetto. Shehas just published the third edition of her memoir,GHETTO SHANGHAI. Evelyn lectures on the Holocaust and immigrant Jewish historyin local schools, synagogues and other institutions. Evelyn donated some original items to the staff of Shanghai Jewish RefugeesMuseum at UCLA on Oct. 27, 2013.