Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum's Road to be an AAA National Tourist Attraction

Time:2010/10/18 16:52:56        

  Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum was formerly the Ohel Moshe Synagogue designed and built by a Russian Jew and used to be a major venue where the Jewish refugees in Shanghai met with each other and celebrated their religious rituals. Since the 1990s, Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum has received Israeli, German and Austrian leaders and an increasing number of visitors from abroad. So it has become an important platform for Hongkou District抯 contacts and exchanges with other countries. In order to preserve the former Ohel Moshe Synagogue and present the history of Jewish refugees in Shanghai, Hongkou District has made a capital investment to renovate the former Ohel Moshe Synagogue and try to restore it to its original condition. On October 26, 2007, the renewed Ohel Moshe Synagogue was open to the public again. As the renewal of exhibition halls No. 2 and No. 3 was completed, Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum was open in late May, 2008.

  On August 26 and 27, 2008, some staff of the Museum attended the 揟raining for Shanghai Tourist attractions Assessment of 2008? which represents the start of efforts of the Museum to be an AAA national tourist destination.

  First, the Museum has set up a 揕eading Group for A-level Tourist Attraction Development?#32;and a 揥orking Group for A-level Tourist Attraction Development? and almost all departments have been involved. Afterwards, while accelerating the hardware construction, we抳e replenished the supporting facilities, improved the environment, and tried to utilize every potential tourist resource. Meanwhile, we抳e drawn up a series of relevant regulations and rules concerning security, management, hygiene and training, and in particular an emergency plan. In early 2009, officials from Shanghai Tourism Bureau came to the Museum for the first assessment. After thorough inspections, the officials were very satisfied, saying that the Museum was historically unique and internationally influential, and requested that Museum further strengthen its hardware and software, especially the tourist center. They also demanded the Museum to organize trainings to improve its reception capability.

  With valuable help of the Tourism Bureau of Hongkou District, in accordance with the requirements of the municipal Tourism Bureau as well as the standards for AAA tourist attractions, Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum has redesigned the layout of the functional areas of the Ohel Moshe Synagogue.

  After repeated multifunctional discussions, the Museum decided to build the tourist center on the second floor and a permanent exhibition hall on the third floor for the display of different articles newly collected and made. In the tourist center, there will be touch screens and videos introducing the Museum, a database of 揓ews in Shanghai? a guestbook for tourists, and display of various gifts from our guests and visitors. At the same time, the design of exhibition halls on the third floor is under way. The hall will receive tourists from every country of the world with a new outlook. Besides, the Museum now has a registered website and the development plan of the website is also in the pipeline. In the near future, people can learn about our latest activities easily, browse the newest display content, consult or even add to the database of 揓ewish refugees in Shanghai?

  In the process of development, the Museum has benefited a lot. Traffic facilities have been increased, the ecological environment around the Museum has been improved,?#32;the museum is cleaner, signboards are standardized, and internal management has been optimized, which will add up to a greater attraction for visitors. The Museum will strive to create better social, economic and environmental effects through redevelopment and offer considerate services to visitors from all over the world.

  With active support from all its friends, the Museum爓as finally爂ranted an AAA tourist destination certificate by the municipal tourism bureau. We will try our best to become an appealing spot of Shanghai and even of the whole country.