Director of the Shanghai Tourism Bureau visited the museum

Time:2013/7/16 13:39:45        

  On the morning of July 5th, Jingsong Yang, Director of the Shanghai Tourism Bureau and leaders of other departments paid a visit to the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum. The visit was accompanied by Xiping Zhang, Deputy District Mayor of Hongkou, and other officers from Hongkou Tourist Bureau and the foreign affairs office of Hongkou District.

  Director Yang with his delegation first listened to the work reports from the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum on aspects regarding development and protection of the museum, the historic heritage and the level of tourism. Afterwards, the delegation visited the thematic exhibition, “Jewish Refugees and Shanghai”, “Memories of Shanghai” and exhibition on “Nazi German Death Camp--Konzentrationslager Auschwitz”, located on the third floor of the former Ohel Moshe Synagogue. Director Yang highly praised the development and protection by the Hongkou district government and district committee of the Shanghai Jewish Refugees museum. He also wholeheartedly commended the work done by the Hongkou District for preserving the important history of Shanghai.

  Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum includes the former Ohel Moshe Synagogue, two new exhibition halls, and a small courtyard plaza. The museum is an important component of “Tilanqiao Historic Area”. It became “Shanghai Outstanding Historic Building” in 2004. In March, 2007, the Government of Hongkou District undertook a comprehensive renovation based on the original architectural paper found in an archive. In March 2010, the museum was ranked as “National AAA Level Scenic Spot” by the Shanghai Tourism Bureau. Post-renovation, the Jewish Refugees Museum has become an important stage for International communion in the Hongkou District. In recent years, important national leaders from Israel, German, Austria and more have visited the museum. The number of both domestic and foreign visitors is increasing year after year.

  --Hongkou Travel Network