A letter from the former Governor of Hawaii State

Time:2013/7/16 13:08:29        

  Former Governor of Hawaii State, Linda Lingle, and six others came to visit the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum in June 23rd, 2013.? Her two previous visits were as the Governor of Hawaii, and this third visit was after her tenure. The senior volunteer, Julia Gao, guided them. Linda was very pleased with the visit, and joyfully left a message on the ‘Message Board of Visitors’. The museum recently received this thank-you letter from Linda below:

  Hi Julia,

  I don't know if you remember serving as a guide for my group and me during our visit a

  couple weeks ago to the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum, but I wanted to thank you for such a wonderfully professional tour that helped everyone better understand the amazing actions taken by the people of China to save so many Jews during the Second World War.

  We really appreciated all the time you spent with us, especially because you are a volunteer.

  Best wishes to you and your family.

  Aloha, Linda Lingle


  inscription of Linda