Ms. Lin Wenyi's visit in the museum

Time:2014/4/23 16:17:02        

  On the afternoon of April 22, 2014, Ms. Lin Wenyi, Vice-Chairman of the 12th CPPCC came to visit Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum, accompanied by Guan Weiyong, Chairman of the CPPCC of Hongkou, Chen Lichun, a member of District Committee and Minister of United Front Work Department, and Xu Aidi,Vice-Chairman of CPPCC of Hongkou.

  During the visit, Ms. Lin Wenyi was interested in the exhibitions in the museum and said "The exhibitions in the museum show the kindness and tolerance of Chinese nation." Ms. Lin confirmed the establishment of the museum by the Shanghai Municipal Government and Hongkou District Government in 2007 because the museum?has played?an important role in?preserving such a memorable history. When leaving, Ms. Lin wrote an inscription for the museum.

  Ms. Lin Wenyi(the first from the left)?during her visit


  Ms. Lin took a photo in front of the former Moshe Synagogue