Two "Shanghailanders" share the true experience of taking refuge in Shanghai

Time:2019/7/5 12:50:31        

  On the evening of June 21, 2019, Sonja and Peter from Berlin, Germany, Shared with more than 30 Chinese and foreign guests the true story of their family's asylum in Shanghai during World War II.

  Their parents, the Krips couple, were Jewish refugees who came to Shanghai from Germany in 1939, and Sonja and Peter were both born in Shanghai during World War II. Ms. Sonja Muehlberger has been devoting herself to the sorting, research and publicity of this period of history in her spare time for many years. She has published books such as "Exile Shanghai" and "Geboren in Shanghai Als Kind Von Emigranten" successively, and has also made a lot of contribution for our museum.

  Sonja is 80 years old this year, and has been return to shanghai 9 times. And her brother, Peter Krips, a 75 years old Shanghailander, came back for the first time since August 1947.They shared the family story of their parents who fled Europe and took refuge in Shanghai, growing up in Shanghai as Jewish refugee kids during the war, and left Shanghai to start a new life in Germany after it.