Subtle Movement of the Secretary General

Time:2010/10/18 16:59:22        

  On May 24, 2009, Chai Junyong, deputy director of the Council on Learning of Shanghai Municipal Committee of CPPCC and the former deputy secretary general of Shanghai Municipal Government, attended a lecture on “Jews in Shanghai” at the Museum. When he was putting on shoes covers, Mr Chai said to head of the Museum, “I have visited many museums. They have made careful arrangements in visible places, but they have ignored smaller and hidden details.” Mr. Chai got up and went upstairs. Meanwhile, he put his hand on the escalator, and when he casually raised the hand, he saw it was still spotlessly clean. Then, he looked back at the head with a satisfied smile.

  Since the Museum was opened to the public, the clean environment has won the appreciation of the visitors all over the world. The two Sanitation Aunts are very industrious or even take the Museum as their home. They are keen on keeping every corner clean. Whenever visitors come to the Museum, they would see the two Aunts busy with their job.