Tour Exhibition in Los Angeles in 2013

Time:2014/2/12 16:55:45        

  With the help of the related departments of UCLA, Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum brought the exhibition on "Jewish Refugees and Shanghai" inLos Angeleson Oct. 27, 2013. The exhibition was very successful. Below is the news from CNC.

  “Jewish Refugees In Shanghai" Exhibit

  CNC Added On October 29, 2013

  Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum took the "Jewish Refugees in Shanghai" exhibition to Los Angeles on Sunday.

  The show aims to let more Americans learn about the history and friendship between Jewish and Chinese.

  The exhibition illustrates the story with pictures of Jewish refugees' life in Shanghai during World War Two.

  It shows how Jewish refugees escaped from the Nazis and survived in Shanghai with the help of the Chinese people.

  SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) CHEN JIAN, Curator, Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum:

  "This is a warm story in a cruel chapter of history. It demonstrates the kindness, openness and generosity of the Chinese people. We bring the story to the U.S. The Chinese people always respect the differences between different peoples."

  From 1933 to 1941, Shanghai took in about 23,000 Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust in Europe, most of them from Germany and Austria.

  In the "Designated Area for Stateless Refugees" in the Tilanqiao area of Shanghai, 18,000 Jewish refugees lived with local citizens.

  Though living conditions were harsh, most of the Jewish refugees survived and many went on to lead fulfilling lives.

  Holocaust historian David Kranzler called it the "Miracle of Shanghai".

  SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) Rita Feder and Trixie Wachsnor, Former Jewish refugees in Shanghai:

  "They were wonderful people. Actually, they were the only country that allowed us to escape the Holocaust. So they actually saved our lives, and we lived among these Chinese people and they greeted us and made us feel welcome."

  The exhibition will run till December 14th.